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Blog of events happening to and around Lightning Motorcycle Training in 2003

SEPTEMBER 2003 - As of the 1st September 2003, all practical motorcycle tests will have Show me/Tell me questions at the beginning of the test. A failure to answer these questions properly will result in one driving fault (minor). For a full list of the questions, please visit the Driving Standards Agencies web site at .

SEPTEMBER 2003 - Also from the 1st September 2003, the cost of the Motorcycle Theory Test has risen to £20.50.

AUGUST 2003 - The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has announced at the National Motorcycle Training Focus Group meeting on the 14th July 2003 that it is unlikely that the second European Directive will be implemented before 2008. The second European Directive deals with changes to the current motorcycle test, and with new manoeuvres that need to be taken off-road.

In the meantime the third European Directive is looming which may well see the end of the current Direct Access Scheme (DAS) and replace it with a stepped licence (i.e. a compulsory restricted licence for a number of years).

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