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Blog of events happening to and around Lightning Motorcycle Training in 2004

DECEMBER 2004 - The Driving Standards Agency announce that the Motorcycle Test fee is to rise from £48.00 to £51.00.

NOVEMBER 2004 - Motor Cycle News (MCN) announces that the government seems likely to change the current Direct Access Scheme (DAS) format before the other law changes occur in 2008. The announcement suggested that the DAS would be scrapped and is to be replaced with the current Restricted Licence. After 2 years people would be able to take a Full Licence test, which will be a revised version of the current test. This would mean everyone would have to ride for 2 years on a 33bhp, or lower, machine, before taking another test to get a Full Licence. This, apparently, will make motorcycling safer - but with no explanation as to how.

AUGUST 2004 - More congratulations to Jonathan Harrison for passing his Direct Access Scheme (DAS) course at the DSA's HQ in Cardington. Also a warm welcome to Kevin Brady and John James who started as part-time instructors.

JULY 2004 - Having had an unexpectedly busy year to date Lightning Motorcycle Training has added a further two new Suzuki GS 500's to its fleet as of July 2004.

JUNE 2004 - Congratulations to Jonathan Harrison who has passed his CBT Supervisory grade qualification at Cardington on 15th June 2004. This has been well earned - next stop Direct Access Scheme.

MAY 2004 - We are pleased to announce that on the 4th May 2004 Michael Palmer started with us as a full time motorcycle instructor. Michael is already fully qualified to run all the courses that we offer, and has five years of experience under his belt. Michael is a valuable asset to the company.

APRIL 2004 - Lightning Motorcycle Training has taken delivery of three new Honda CBF 500's and a new Honda CG 125 to complement our existing fleet of 26 motorcycles and mopeds.

MARCH 2004 - The DSA announce that BMW’s C1 is no longer suitable for either the CBT or practical Motorcycle Test. Difficulties with visibility and getting the machine on and off the stand have been cited. In the same announcement, the issue of three wheeled mopeds was clarified. For a three-wheeled moped to be, suitable for CBT and practical test “the distance measured between the centres of the area of contact with the road surface of any two wheels is less than 460 millimetres.” This means that models such as the Secma FT 50 Fun Tech are not suitable.

MARCH 2004 - The DVLA announce that they will no longer fax D441 (Certificates of Entitlement) to training centres for students taking the CBT. The DSA advise that all students must bring both parts of their licence.

MARCH 2004 - Lightning Motorcycle Training has slightly increased its prices to off set the rising cost of Public and Employers Liability Insurance. We hope that our customers will be understanding over this matter

FEBRUARY 2004 - has seen industrial action among Driving Examiners, who are seeking parity in their wage structure with other workers within the Department of Transport. So far, this has resulted in a two-day strike and subsequent working to rule. The working to rule is particularly disruptive and divisive. Candidates taking their tests have been turned away from the test centre as the examiner claims the previous test "over ran" and therefore the examiner was unable to have his five-minute rest period and start the next test on time. Some centres are more affected than others are. For our part, we do not support this action as the DSA do not provide an alternative service and consequently the public have been forced to bear the cost and consequences of this action.

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