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Blog of events happening to and around Lightning Motorcycle Training in 2005

DECEMBER 2005 - Welcome to Lee Thompson, who has joined as a full time instructor in Reading.

OCTOBER 2005 - Goodbye to Gary Austin, the Driving Standards Agency's Chief Executive Officer, who did much to increase the cost of taking a motorcycle practical and theory test during his time in the job. Hello to Rosemary Thew, who takes as the new Chief Executive, to whom we look to see a more balanced and consultative approach to motorcycling.

SEPTEMBER 2005 - Well done to Mat Sparrow, who is now a fully qualified to run Direct Access Scheme (DAS) courses.

AUGUST 2005 - Welcome to Nick Botting who has join as a part time instructor in Oxford. Sadly, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has decided to increase the cost of both the motorcycle test and Theory Test, and we have had to pass these costs onto our customers. The increase in costs is to fund the ridiculous law changes that are due to come into effect in 2008. In the meantime the DSA studiously refuse to address real issues like the problems with CBT, the pointlessness of the U-turn in the test, the need for the CBT supervisory grade for instructors before they can teach the Direct Access Scheme. To date the DSA have not had a focus meeting with the industry for two years. Something to hide?

JULY 2005 - Congratulations to Mat Sparrow who has passed his CBT supervisory grade at Cardington.

JUNE 2005 - Hello to Ben Dyche who starts as an Office Manager to help with the ever increasing work load, and goodbye to Michelle Slaymaker who leaves to become an ambulance driver after several years as an instructor.

MAY 2005 - Congratulations to Liegh Hutt who has passed both his CBT supervisory grade and his Direct Access Scheme (DAS) qualification first time. Good man that Hutt!

APRIL 2005 - Welcome to Steve Steadman who joins as a full time instructor in Reading - when he's not away at rallies!

MARCH 2005 - Welcome to Mat Sparrow, who starts as part time instructor. Also congratulations to Geoff Smithers who passed his Direct Access Scheme (DAS) qualification.

FEBRUARY 2005 - On behalf of all the staff at Lightning Motorcycle Training we would like to wish Mike Palmer a speedy recovery after his recent accident. Our thoughts also go out to Nicky, his wife, and Sebastian, his son. Take care Mike, get better soon.

JANUARY 2005 - We would like to make a warm welcome to Geoff Smithers who has started in Reading as a part-time instructor. Geoff brings with him his supervisory grade for CBT training. Also welcome to Liegh Hutt, who starts as a full time instructor.

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