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Blog of events happening to and around Lightning Motorcycle Training in 2006

DECEMBER 2006 - Happy Christmas!

NOVEMBER 2006 - Get well soon Steve Steadman, who has been the unfortunate victim of some lunatic driver. The first Steve knew that this bloke was in a hurry to get home was when he lying on his back staring at the oncoming traffic. We wish Steve a speedy recovery, and to the driver who hit him we wish for one or two brain cells from Santa for Christmas.

OCTOBER 2006 - Well done to Emma Ward for completing her CBT Supervisory grade at the DSA HQ in Cardington, Bedfordshire. This means that Lightning does not have any instructors who are not supervisory grade.

SEPTEMBER 2006 - The DSA have appointed their new CBT Managers. These are tasked with ensuring that CBT standards are maintained. This is very good news for the industry, as it makes for a level playing field. It is also good news for the public in that they can now expect to get better tuition where ever they go. CBT Managers can visit a training school at any time unannounced. Having met one already - Kevin Parsons - we can confirm that they are very knowledgeable and very helpful.

AUGUST 2006 - A good year for students, but a miserable one for some of the low life's in Oxford and Reading. Having suffered from arson in Oxford in June, it is now sad to report that Reading has suffered a break-in. To all those that were affected by this and showed such patience a big thank you. Without the help of our customers both of these events would have been much harder to cope with. We also owe a big thank you to all the local dealers in Reading and Oxford who helped out. Without exception all did their best to help us; in particular MTC Motorcycles (as ever!), Kings Two Wheel Centre and A4 Scooters. Cheers guys.

JULY 2006 - More well done's to Lee Thompson, who is now qualified to teach people on any bike. Also welcome to Emma Ward, who starts as a new instructor. It is nice to have a female instructor, something that Lightning has been missing since Michelle left.

JUNE 2006 - Well done to Lee Thompson, who keeps up Lightning's excellent record for first time passes at Cardington, by passing his CBT Supervisory Grade. What a star!

APRIL 2006 - The Driving Standards Agency has again put the price of the Motorcycle Test up; this time to £58.00. The price in 2000 was £45.00, which makes nearly a 30% increase during this period. Presumably wages have risen by the same amount, or perhaps test fees are linked to house prices? Ever get the feeling that we get a raw deal out of this government?

MARCH 2006 - Contrary to speculation Lightning Motorcycle Training has not been acquired by Oxford Motorcycles.

FEBRUARY 2006 - Well done to Steve Steadman who is now the real deal and can advise people about MAG on 125's and 500's since passing his DAS at Cardington.

JANUARY 2006 - Congratulations to Steve Steadman, who has successfully passed his CBT supervisory grade at Cardington.

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