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Blog of events happening to and around Lightning Motorcycle Training in 2007

DECEMBER 2007 - The usual Happy Christmas and New Year to one and all. Massive collective intake of breath as we prepare for next year which is set to by the busiest for more than 10 years with the changes in the motorcycle test coming into effect on the 1st October 2008. If you don't have a licence now then if you want to avoid having to pay substantially more next year will be the year to take the test. Well done to Rob for passing his Direct Access Scheme at Cardington.

NOVEMBER 2007 - After 10 long years as an instructor (and more recently Chief Instructor) Alan Grimes has decided to hang up his radio mike and instructor jacket having been lured by the warmth of an DSA Examiners chair. Yes, Alan has gone to join the "Dark Side" and to give valuable IQ points to an organisation that is sadly lacking in that department. Best of luck Alan...

OCTOBER 2007 - Congratulations to Rob Waugh on gaining his supervisory grade for CBT training at Cardington. Also welcome back Emma who is now able to give us part-time work.

SEPTEMBER 2007 - Welcome to David Merricks who joins as a part-time instructor after several years as an instructor with Elite Motorcycle Training in London. Congratulations to Alex Deutsch on gaining his supervisory grade for CBT training at Cardington. Theory Test fee has increased to £28.50, and the number of questions has increased to 50 of which candidates need to get 44 correct.

AUGUST 2007 - Goodbye to Emma Ward who has taken time out for personal reasons; an excellent instructor who we hope to see again in the future. Good luck Emma!

JULY 2007 - No news is good news; too busy training (30% up on last year) to check the news!

JUNE 2007 - After some fairly futile exchanges of letters between ourselves and Rosemary Thew (Chief Executive of the Driving Standards Agency), she finally acknowledges that the new test will go ahead on 28th September 2008 even if there are not enough centres open simply to "save national embarrassment". Frankly this is bad news as it shows no foresight and will have grave implications for the training industry.

MAY 2007 - The prospect of a law change next year has meant an incredibly busy start to the season. Our new On-Line Booking section has proved to be very popular, especially since it has been possible to book all the courses we offer. Welcome to Rob Waugh who starts as a full time instructor having previously been one of our students, and to Alex Deutsch who is a part time instructor,

APRIL 2007 - Motorcycle test fee has increased to £60.00. In April 2000 the test fee was £45.00, which means that the test fee has risen 33% in seven years. The only thing that comes close to that is MP's wages.

MARCH 2007 - the DSA announced that the Motorcycle Theory Test is to have 15 more questions. This makes 50 questions in total of which 43 must be answered correctly. The Theory Test fee is to increase by £7.00; making each question worth about an extra 50 pence. This change will come into effect from 3rd September 2007. Congratulations to Alex Deutsch, who has qualified as a CBT instructor - welcome aboard.

FEBRUARY 2007 - We have a new forum which will allow members of the public to make comments. There is also a new Glossary of Terms to help make some sense of the jargon.

JANUARY 2007 - Well done Emma for passing her Direct Access Scheme grade at Cardington with the DSA. And congrats also to Alan, who has passed the 10 year mark as an instructor! Thanks go to Harpers of Cowley for the four new Honda CG 125's we took delivery of this month.

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