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Advanced Motorcycling Awards

Advanced motorcycling

  NAAMI IAM Motorcycle RoSPA Motorcycle BMF Motorcycle


Enhanced Rider Scheme

Institute of Advanced Motorists

RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association

BMF Rider Training Scheme "Blue Riband" Advanced Award

Instructor Qualifications

DSA ERS qualified

IAM pass - min

RoSPA Diploma or Police Class 1

BMF - RTS Instructor/Examiner will have either RoSPA Diploma or Police Class 1

How do I gain it?

Issued on successful completion of course (varies in duration)

Minimum 2 day course with home study and practise

Minimum 2 day course with home study and practise

Minimum 2 day course with home study and practise

The Test

At least one hour of Rural & Urban plus some classroom theory

1 1/2 hour on road Rural & Urban

1 1/2 hour on road Rural & Urban

1 1/2 hour on & off road Rural & Urban plus Motorway






Award Type


Annual Membership & Certificate

Annual Membership & Certificate

Annual Membership & Certificate/Badge

Re-Test Required?



Yes - 3 years

Yes - 3 years

Insurance Recognised?*





Who it is for?

People who have recently passed a motorcycle test, are returning to motorcycling after a break, or ride on a casual basis

Recognised qualification with insurance discounts

Gold Award is the ultimate in recognised qualifications - difficult to achieve!

Recognised qualification with insurance discounts

Which is best?

Affordable and achievable. Not really pitched as "advanced" which in practise means a rewarding experience with real benefits.

Most people have heard of the IAM. Considered to be equivalent to a RoSPA Silver Award

The highest - but not many have heard of it through poor advertising

Advanced course from a well known organisation. Considered to be equivalent to a RoSPA Silver Award or an IAM pass


* Not all Insurance companies recognise some or all of these qualifications; check with your broker or agent.

Having passed your CBT, Theory Test and Motorcycle Test the prospect of taking more tests is probably not the most pressing issue. However, it is a sad fact that motorcyclists are very vulnerable, and that particularly those who have just passed their test or are coming back to motorcycling after a break are prone to having more accidents than most.

Happily, you can do something about this state of affairs. Firstly, you can reduce the cost of your insurance. Secondly, you can keep the value of your motorcycle. Thirdly, you can retain your "no claims bonus" (not forgetting that claims for your motorcycle will affect any car insurance you may have). Finally, you can preserve, your almost impossible to value, state of your health.

To achieve this you will need to take some form of Advanced Training. How far you go is completely up to you; but it is no exaggeration to say that as you learn more your appreciation and enjoyment of motorcycling will grow proportionately.

Listed below are a series of options that you can consider:

  • Option 1 – Back-to-Biking. This is a 7 hour course and designed for those that hold a full motorcycle licence, but who have not ridden for a number of years. The course focuses on machine controls and standard riding skills, and is essentially a refresher course. Motorcycle hire is available for this course.
  • Option 2 – Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS). This is a 7 hour course with some remote learning done at home. It is designed for those that ride on a casual basis or have relatively recently passed their motorcycle test. We are looking for a smooth, well planned ride taking advantage of fairly basic defensive riding procedures. Motorcycle hire is also available for this course.

    Costing - Courses are £130.00 per day, inclusive of equipment and 600cc motorcycle hire should you need it.

REMEMBER – everybody says that will do it, very few actually do. Be one of the few! Advanced training is not about pipes, slippers and dull stories, any more than it is about riding over the speed limit. It is about getting the most out of your motorcycling experience and ensuring that you considerably reduce the odds of becoming an unwanted statistic. Take care.

Be aware that ‘Advanced Training’ is an unregulated industry – check the credentials of any potential Instructor! Also beware that many "Advanced Instructors" simply want to show you how clever they are at your expense!

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