The CBT - Experienced is for people who currently hold a CBT certificate but simply wish to renew it

CBT - Experienced In other words they just want to keep riding on L-plates for a further two years. The course is run at a ratio of two students to one instructor and takes about three and half hours.

As the course designed for people to simply renew their CBT we're not expecting to have to do much teaching during the off-road section of the course. For this reason we would like the course to be done on the same type of bike the original CBT was done on (automatic or geared). Although this is a legal requirement it is not a waste of time particularly as two hours of road tuition is definitely beneficial.

The cost is a flat rate of £90.00 with or without bike hire. If you are thinking of gaining a full licence at some point then don't miss this opportunity to ask your instructor how many days of training you will need to gain a full licence. You can book this online by following this link - CBT-Experienced.


1/. So if I did my original CBT on an automatic then I can't use a geared bike for this?
No, because it will take longer than the time we have allowed for the course to teach you gears.

2/. What course should I book if I want to learn gears?
A normal CBT course which takes a full day.

3/. Do I need to bring my old CBT certificate?
Not legally, and if you did your CBT with us the first time round then we will have your details anyway. If you did your CBT elsewhere then bringing your old certificate will be useful particularly if there are any problems.

4/. Do I get a different CBT certificate when I have completed this course?
No it is exactly the same as a normal CBT but just got through more quickly because you already know how to ride.

5/. If I don't want to get a full licence I just keep doing this every two years?
Yes, but it is on the cards to be changed by the DVSA particularly as the 2009 licence laws mean it is likely that people will be on L-plates for longer before they take their motorcycle test.

6/. Do I still need to bring both parts of my licence?
No, just the photocard along with some suitable clothes (warm jacket, jeans and sturdy footwear) and glasses or contact lenses if you wear them.

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