Explanation of our CBT/Mod Skills Day 1 course

The CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) was introduced in 1990CBT/Mod Skills day 1, and is now something that everyone has to do before they can ride on the road with a motorcycle or moped. The CBT has to be done before a motorcycle test can be taken. The course is designed to teach novices how to ride, however there are many people who already know how to ride such as those who have an expired CBT or have ridden abroad. This course is designed for those people who have ridden a great deal before and need to take the CBT in order to get a full licence. The course covers not only the CBT syllabus but also all the training to pass the Module 1 Motorcycle Test. The training will be done on a 400/600cc motorcycle and is suitable for anyone 19 years or older.

You can book a CBT/Mod Skills day 1 online by following this link.


1/. Do I need to do the Theory Test first?
No, the CBT and Theory Test are unrelated.

2/. How long does the CBT last?
The CBT certificate lasts for 2 years.

3/. How do I know if I'm suitable for a CBT/Mod Skills 1 course?
Firstly, there is not much point doing this course unless you intend to do a full licence in the near future. Secondly, we offer a Free One Hour Lesson where we can try you on a 400/600cc motorcycle to see how you get on.

4/. Is there any preparation for the CBT/Mod Skills Day 1?
There are only two things that can be done to prepare for a CBT/Mod Skills Day 1. Firstly, read the Highway Code and secondly learn the information that we will have sent out to you as you will be asked questions.

5/. Will this get me ready for the Module 1 Motorcycle Test?
Yes; it will include all the manoeuvres required including the higher speed emergency stop and avoidance/swerve. This will be done at full speed as our training centres are large enough to practise this.

6/. How long can I expect the CBT/Mod Skills Day 1 to take?
This course takes a whole day from 8:45am to 5:00pm.

7/. I have done my CBT before and I am just renewing it - do I need to do the whole thing again?
Yes, you will need to retake the whole CBT including the talk about clothing and helmets. This is supposed to encourage you to take further training and pass your test before your current CBT expires.

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