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Frequently Asked Questions

1/. What happens if I lose my CBT certificate?
We can provide you with a duplicate CBT certificate at a cost of £20.00. This can be posted if need be.

2/. What happens if I lose my Theory Test or Motorcycle Test Pass certificate?
The DVSA will be able to provide you with a duplicate Pass certificate, please call their Customer Services number on 0300 300 1122. If your Theory Test was done more than a week before your Motorcycle Test is due to take place this should not be a problem. Please bear in mind that both certificates have a life span of two years. However, if you have lost your Module 1 certificate you will need to retake the Module 1 test.

**UPDATE** - As of 2nd November 2011 if you lose your Module 1 test pass certificate then as long as you let the "DVSA's contact centre (know) as soon as possible.. before the Module 2 test. This will let DVSA carry out the necessary checks and update the Module 2 examiner in good time before the test date"

3/. What happens if I lose/misplace my licence when I want to attend the CBT, Theory or Motorcycle Test?
You must produce the photo-card part of your licence for th Motorcycle Theory Test and the Module 1 & 2 Motorcycle Tests (or an old paper licence with a valid passport). If do not have these documents for any of these events you will be turned away, and fees forfeit. If you lose your licence you must let us know straight away, as well as contacting the DVLA to arrange a duplicate.

For the CBT we can do an online check provided that you have your National Insurance number and photo ID (such as a valid passport).

If you have lost your licence ahead of a Theory or Module 1 & 2 Motorcycle Test than provided you give 3 working days' notice you have not lost anything. However, if it is inside this time (even if it is stolen) then you will lose the test fee.

4/. What happens if the weather is bad?
Please call us as early as possible to check the course is going ahead, if we have to cancel, we will re-arrange your training at no extra cost. As a rule, if it is safe, we would like you to arrive as some courses have a reasonable amount of theory that can be covered while we review the situation. Please follow the Bad Weather link for more information.

5/. What happens if I fail my Theory Test or Module 1 or 2 Motorcycle Test?
Please call us straight away to arrange another Theory Test. If we can’t get you a Theory Test before your Module 1 Test, we can postpone the Module 1 & 2 Tests providing we are given 3 clear working days' notice (including Saturdays but not Bank Holidays or Sundays). If you don’t inform us you may lose your Module 1 & 2 Test fees. Failing your Theory Test does not prevent you from taking any training you may have booked. 

In the event that you fail the Module 1 Test then it depends what you failed on. If it was a slow manoeuvre then further practice is free and all you will be charged is £15.50 for the test fee and £20.00 for motorcycle hire. If you failed on a fast manoeuvre (emergency stop, swerve or controlled stop) then we have a duty of care to do some formal training. We charge £80.00 for two hours practice (including motorcycle hire) plus £15.50 for the test fee.

If you failed the Module 2 Test then again it depends on how things went. If it was something simple like leaving an indicator on then we will charge you £80.00 for 2 hours training plus £75.00 for the test fee. Alternatively, if it was a more involved fail then you just need to come in for one day of training to accompany your re-test, this will be at a subsided rate (30% off) making it £109.00 for training and motorcycle hire plus £75.00 for the test fee – please call for details.

6/. What happens if I don’t complete the CBT?
You cannot fail a CBT; however you can take longer than one day to complete it. In this event you can either come back and re-do the whole CBT at the heavily subsidized rate of £75.00, or take further training by way of personal tuition for £40.00 per hour (this would be suitable for someone who is not likely to complete the CBT on the second attempt). Please ask your instructor which option would suit you best.

7/. What happens if I am late?
Courses start at 09:00am (08:30am in Winter - the daylight saving period), if you are late for CBT then you will be turned away because you are not allowed to miss anything, and it is unfair on the rest of the group to wait for you. If you are late for other courses we will try our best to accommodate you. The DVSA will turn anyone away who arrives late for a Theory or Motorcycle Test and fees will be forfeit. Please call us as early as possible if you think you will not be on time.

We will leave to go to the test centre giving adequate time for normal conditions. If we, or you, are delayed by an accident or traffic congestion, and as a result are late, you will unfortunately lose your test fee. There are no exceptions as this is a new policy introduced by the DVSA in June 2011.

8/. What happens if I want a refund?
Refunds are not given once a course has started (this includes the Theory Test) If your course has not started and you would like to cancel and receive a refund, you must give us 12 clear working days' notice in writing (not including weekends) and any refund will be subject to a £50.00 administration fee. All matters concerning refunds must be done in writing.

9/. What happens if I only bring my ‘photo card part of my Driving Licence?
Nothing anymore! After a breath taking show of sanity DVLA decided to drop the paper licence in 2015, just leaving the irksome question of why they ever bothered with it in the first place.

10/. What happens if the moped/motorcycle I hire from Lightning Motorcycle Training breaks down?
We will either provide you with another machine, or reschedule for a different day at no extra cost. (And apologise profusely!).

11/. What happens if the moped/motorcycle I provide is not road legal?
You will need to hire a machine for £25.00 per day, if we have one available.

12/. Do I have to do my Theory Test in Wembley, Reading or Oxford?
No, we are able to book you a Theory Test anywhere in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) please ask when you are booking if you would like a Theory Test elsewhere.

13/. My Motorcycle Test is being done somewhere other than Wembley, Reading or Oxford; is this bad?
Not at all, the examiner will expect no local knowledge whatsoever, a junction in Oxford will have the same rules as a junction in Banbury. Most years we go to about 16 different test centres - but a lot less now there are so few test centres.

14/. What happens if I don’t agree with the examiner’s decision?
You are not able to contest the examiner’s decision. You can, however, dispute if the test was conducted fairly – so for example if the radio was hard to hear. If this is upheld (and it will need to be done in writing) the best you can hope for is a free re-test. The DVSA will not overturn a decision once it has been made. We will support any valid claim.

15/. What happens if the DVSA cancel or move my Motorcycle Test?
If the DVSA move your test with more than three working days' notice then you have to take it on the chin. However, if they cancel inside this period (if the examiner is sick for example) it is possible to claim compensation. We will charge you for the training and motorcycle hire that you have for your rescheduled date, but you in turn will be able to claim this back along with loss of earnings, travel costs and child care. We will help you with all the paperwork. We will also be able to sort out a new test date for you (hopefully for as near to your original date as possible).

16/. What happens if I need to leave early?
Please let us know at the start of the day, and we will try our best to make suitable arrangements.

17/. What is the eye sight test?
In order to take part in any training or test you need to be able to read a standard UK car number plate at 20.5 metres or more. If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses for this you will also have to wear them for the duration of the course.

18/. What should I wear?
We can provide you with a safety helmet, gloves and waterproof over trousers, we do have a limited number of motorcycle jackets. Please arrive with some stout footwear, i.e. walking boots, and a thick pair of jeans as a minimum. If you are able to purchase suitable motorcycle apparel we implore you do to so. In addition if the weather is cold please bring LOTS of warm clothes.

Please also note that since 2011 you must have boots, jeans (with no rips), a sturdy jacket and gloves to take your Module 1 and Module 2 motorcycle test. The DVSA will turn you away if you don't. Please see our Important Information page for more details.

19/. When can I start riding a bigger motorcycle when I have passed my test?
You may start riding straight away; it is recommended that you carry your pass certificate with you until you receive your licence, as the DVLA computer will not have a record of your entitlement for a few weeks.

20/. What do I need to tell you before I start my course?
You need to tell us of any medical conditions or religious needs that we should be aware of so we can make necessary arrangements. Please also tell us if you are on any kind of medication which may affect you when driving or riding. The same applies to any disabilities.

We will need to have a contact telephone number and a postal address.

If you are taking a CBT that is all we need to know. However, if you are taking a full licence course we will also need to know your Driving Licence number and, when you have completed it, your Theory Test pass certificate number.

21/. What do I need to tell you to book a course?
Our helpful knowledgeable staff are able to you guide through every step of the way. However, it would be helpful if you could have your contact details and driving licence number to hand. We will also need to know the dates you like to book so having your diary or shift pattern handy is useful. If you intend to book a course then we will need to take a payment or deposit so debit or credit card details will be required.

22/. I want to do my training spread out over a series of weeks, will this be a problem?
This will be no problem at all. Our students are given a Student Record Card which is filled out at the end of each day of training. These are then looked through by the instructor at the beginning of the next day of training. This way a course will have continuity no matter how spread out it becomes.

23/. Is the two part motorcycle test more difficult than the old one?
In a word, no. The dreaded U-Turn and emergency stop will be done in a flat, clear off-road site, void of obstructions, cambers or poor surface conditions. The slow speed control manoeuvres are no more difficult than negotiating a junction or indeed carrying out the U-turn. Module 2 of the test will be similar to the old test, less the U-turn and emergency stop.

24/. Do I need to do module 1 and module 2 in any specific order?
The rule is that you must complete module 1 before you can take module 2. If you decide to take both tests within 3 working days of each other and fail module 1, you will lose the £75.00 test fee as we will not have time to cancel module 2. This means you can take a slight gamble and book them together, or err more to the side of the caution and have them 3 days apart.

25/. What training will I get for module 1 of the test?
We have our very own off-road training areas where you can practice module 1 of the test to your heart's content, we will set up the cones to emulate the actual test, and use our very own speed measuring equipment to make sure you are getting up to speed. When it comes to the test you will know exactly what to expect, and how to do it. As a result our pass rate is well above average.

26/. How is Module 2 different to the old test?
The old test was mainly the same as it is now, except you do not have to do a U-turn or emergency stop during this part of the test anymore.

27/. Does the new test cost anymore?
No, the DVSA put the test fee up to £80.00 in September 2008, and this will remain the same for the time being. Furthermore our own price structure will remain the same, meaning the overall cost will remain the same.

*Update* - the DVSA have increased the cost of the Motorcycle Test fees from 5th October 2009, making Module 1 £15.50 and Module 2 £75.00. The overall cost of the Motorcycle Test fee will be £90.50 from the 5th October 2009. This will, unfortunately, have to be added to the overall course price.

28/. I'm not well, or have been injured or I've suffered bereavement - what happens to my course?
Unfortunately due to DVSA policy changes in June 2011 you will lose any test fees where less than 3 working days' notice is given. As far as your course is concerned we try to be understanding in these matters and have two separate policies. We can either charge you half the value of the course to rebook a date that is convenient for you, or we can put you on a Short Notice list which means any unsold or vacant slots can be taken by you free of charge but this is booked at short notice (normally 1 day). This does not apply to test fees.

*Update* - the DVSA have sensibly relented on the bereavement.

29/. Just remind me one more time what do I need to bring when I attend a course?
All you need to bring is both parts of your Driving Licence, glasses or contact lenses if you wear them and some suitable clothes (denim jeans, warm jacket and sturdy footwear with ankle support). If you coming for a course after you have done your CBT please also bring your CBT certificate, Theory Test pass certificate and, when you have taken it, your Module 1 pass certificate.

30/. On the back of my photocard licence it says A with 79(tri) - do I have a motorcycle licence already?
No. This means you can ride a trike on your car licence. It does not mean you can ride a motorcycle. Anyone would be forgiven that DVLA were trying to encourage people to ride without a licence!

Did this answer all your questions? If not please email us at


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