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Pro-Bike motorcycles


Photos of students who have recently passed their tests - and ride a Kawasaki

Ex Students

9 out 10 students pass with Lightning Motorcycle Training










Kawasaki ZXR600 NinjaKawasaki ZXR600 Ninja













Kawasaki Z750Kawasaki Z750











Kwaka ChopKawasaki Chop










Kawasaki GPz 500Kawasaki GPz 500














Kawasaki ZX6-RKawasaki ZX6-R









Kawasaki ZZR600Kawasaki ZZR600











Kawasaki ZXR1200Kawasaki ZXR1200









Kawasaki Z1000Kawasaki Z1000










Kawasaki GPz900 StreetfighterKawasaki GPz900 Streetfighter













Kawasaki ZX6-RKawasaki ZX6-R












Kawasaki EN500Kawasaki EN500











Kawasaki ZXR and Yamaha YZFKawasaki ZXR and Yamaha YZF










Kawasaki 550 ZephyrKawasaki 550 Zephyr

Abingdon Honda

Abingdon Honda Blade advert