Explanation of our Mod Skills Day 1 course

Mod Skills day 1 for many students will be their first day Mod Skills day 1on a larger motorcycle (typically 500 or 600cc depending on your age). The training is in two parts; firstly to get you used the different handling and performance of a larger bike and secondly to cover the training needed for the Module 1 Motorcycle Test.

The morning is spent doing the slow manoeuvres for the Module 1 - slalom, U-turn, figure of 8, in the training area, as well as an explanation of the controls, on/off stands etc. The training will then move onto the road and begin the preparation for the Module 2 Motorcycle Test. In the early afternoon you will return to the training area to practise the faster manoeuvres required for the Module 1 - the controlled stop, emergency stop and avoidance (swerve). This should then allow time for you to practise a mock test as the dimensions at our training sites are the same as at the DSA test centres.

So the aim of the day is to feel confident in handling a larger motorcycle and be able to pass the Module 1 Motorcycle Test. You can book a Mod Skills day 1 course online by following this link.


1/. What is the difference between this and CBT/Mod Skills day 1?
A reasonable amount; the CBT/Mod Skills day 1 is more for those that have quite a lot of previous experience of riding a motorcycle and will also have to include the elements of the CBT such as a talk about helmets & clothing, left & right turns etc. Mod Skills day 1 is not constrained by this and more time can be devoted to machine controls.

2/. What happens is I'm not ready for the Module 1 test at the end of the day of training?
This is quite unusual (the pass rate for 2013 is 82%), however we have two contingencies for this; do a bit of extra practise on the morning of Mod Skills day 2 prior to the Module 1 test, or book an hour's Personal Tuition (£40.00) prior to your next day of training.

3/. Do people struggle with the conversion from 125cc to 400/600cc?
Not really. Generally the main issue is the height and weight of the larger bikes. To help with this we have specially lowered Suzuki Gladius' which are also relatively light with a low centre of gravity. The controls are pretty much the same as a geared 125cc so pulling away and stopping/starting is quite straight forward, it is the clutch control for slow manoeuvring that needs work more often than not.

4/. What do I need to have done before this day of training?
You must have a valid CBT certificate (and ideally have done your Motorcycle Theory Test). We also expect you to be reasonably competent in riding a geared motorcycle so that getting onto a larger motorcycle is not too much of an issue. If you have only done the CBT and not really ridden on the road we would normally recommend doing a Roadrider first.

5/. What days of the week do we run this training and what times?
The course starts at 8:45am and ends at about 5:00pm, and can be done on any day of the week (including weekends).

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