Module 2

The DVSA's Module 2 Motorcycle Test

Module 2 was introduced by the DVSA on the 27th April 2009 along with Module 1. This replaced the existing test format. In order to take a Module 2 you will need to have a valid CBT certificate, Motorcycle Theory Test certificate and Module 1 pass certificate.

Module 2 takes place either at a DVSA DTC (Driving Test Centre) or a MPTC (Multi-Purpose Test Centre). It takes about 35 minutes and consists entirely of riding on the road. There will still be the Motorcycle Test questions at the beginning of the test, however, there will be no on road manoeuvres like the U-turn and emergency stop. So in most respects the test is same as it was but without the U-turn nonsense! Module 2 is priced at £75.00.


1/. Can I do it on the same day as my Module 1?
Yes. However, as the Module 2 requires 3 working days' notice to cancel or rearrange you will want to be absolutely sure that you are going to pass Module 1 if you want to avoid the prospect of losing £75.00.

2/. How come the Module 2 is priced at £75.00 and is the same as the old test which was £80.00?
A very good question and one that we're sure the DVSA would like very much not to answer. Even if you ignore that and wonder how it is that the same test, that up until October 2008 only cost £60.00, can have gone up by 17% at a time when inflation is at an all-time low, you are still left with the question of "where is all this money going?". The answer is that the DVSA have managed to waste vast quantities of tax payers' money through poor planning and mismanagement. To put it mildly.

3/. Will the test routes change much from the old test?
Much is being made of the fact that the DVSA examiners are not restricted to being in town so much and we can therefore expect to do more countryside riding. In practise we don't think the test routes will change very much. They are slightly longer and have to include a section for the Independent Ride.

4/. What happens if I fail my Module 2?
You will have to wait 10 working days before you can take the test again. Please bear in mind that all the certificates (CBT, Theory and Module 1) have varying life spans and they must all be valid you to be able to take the test.

5/. What is the independent ride?
This was introduced in 2010 and is a part of the Module 2 test. The examiner will ask you to follow the signs for "Abingdon" for example. It should last about 10 minutes during which time the examiner will simply follow you. The test is not  much longer as a consequence and for the most part this is a bit of a non-event. The test has to cover 35 minutes of riding by law.

6/. Can I fail if I go the wrong way?
Depends - you can't fail the test by going the wrong way as long as everyone can understand where you are going. So if you go in the right hand lane and indicate right then as long as you turn right there is no problem even if this is not where you were asked to go. However, go the wrong way by going in the wrong lane or not indicating, so for example if you are in the right hand lane indicating left and end up going straight ahead, then this is a fail. Good forward planning will save the day, and in particular reading the road signs/directions.

7/. I passed my Module 2 before the 19th January 2013, is my licence effected by the law change?
No the licence changes are not retrospective so even if you got a Restricted Licence it will still upgrade automatically after 2 years.

8/. I've heard the examiner has to fail a certain number of people, is this true?
No, in our experience the examiner can always justify why someone has not passed their test. Examiners are human so they do vary in quality, but the ones we use regularly in Reading (Greenham Common) and Oxford are very consistent and take a pleasure out of passing people.

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