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Stuck for a Christmas or Birthday present?

Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher

What about a Gift Voucher? Gift Vouchers can be brought and given to friends and loved ones without having to commit to training dates. The amount that you wish to purchase is entirely up to you, however, a good starting point is either the Theory Test (£35.00) or CBT (£129.00).

To purchase a Gift Voucher there are three routes:

1/. By 'phone on either 01865 777 676 or 01189 511 782, or via email - . We take cash, cheque, debit and credit cards. A Gift Voucher will be posted or emailed out to you with the name of the recipient printed on it. Once given all that the recipient needs to do is ring up and book a date. We have sites in Reading, Berkshire and Oxford, Oxfordshire.

2/. Go to our On-Line Booking page and do it all through the Internet at the click of a mouse. Again you can add the recipients name and even pick a date if you want.

3/. Purchase the Gift Voucher through PayPal by clicking below (slightly more expensive). We will send out a Gift Voucher for you to give to whoever you wish.

Each method is equally valid and costs the same. The Gift Voucher will be sent out first class on the day payment is received. Alternatively we can email it the same day. Once given all that the recipient needs to do is ring up and book a date.

They won't be sorry!

To check the correct course for the person you intend to buy the Gift Voucher for use the Step by Step Guide and to check dates use Course Availability.

If you have an queries or need further help please contact us at




Maintain correct tyre pressure &:-

  • Reduce tyre wear & extend tyre life
  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Improve vehicle handling & safety


  • PSI & BAR settings.
  • Ranges 0<>100 PSI & 0<>6.90 BAR.
  • LCD Reading
  • Automatic Shut-Off.
  • CE Approved.
  • 3V Lithium coin cell battery (included.

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