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The Highway Code contains the rules of the road. To give yourself a fighting chance of passing the CBT, Theory Test or Motorcycle Test a working knowledge of the Highway Code is essential. You will be amazed at what you don't know!

This is the latest 2010 version, which includes new mobile 'phone legislation, new colour pictures and the most up to date advice with the Authority of Parliament!


All new 2011 Theory Test DVD-ROM. This DVD covers all the current Theory Tests. Enter the program and select Motorcycle Theory Test to begin practising. The DVD covers not only the multiple choice questions, but also the Hazard Perception clips. You are really not prepared for your Theory Test unless you have practised on this first.

In addition to the Theory Test it also covers the Show Me Tell Me questions and help for the practical test. Absolutely invaluable.


This book will help guide you through the Theory Test, and will point you in the direction of the correct answers. This is really a must for those that do not have PC, or for those that like to dip into the questions when they have a spare moment.

This book is valid for Theory Tests taken from 3rd September 2007 onwards. It contains every single Theory Test question you could be asked in 2009/2010. It also explains what happens when you take the Theory Test.


This book is a must for all those setting out on two wheels. It explains the content and expectations of the CBT, and then goes on to provide practical guidance for the Motorcycle Test. This book is the perfect compliment to the tuition that you receive from your instructor. Give yourself a head start - buy this book.

Written by the Driving Standards Agency, the people who set the driving tests.

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