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Here you will find reviews and photos of past events such as reunions, runs and track days.

Steve's endurance ride out!

After days pensively studying the weather forecast, we made our way to H Cafe in Berinsfield on what turned out to be a warm, dry morning, made up of a mixture of sunshine and fluffy cloud – a perfect day for a motorcycle ride. We met up at 10am with 11 of our ex-students, Steve gave a quick, but well informed safety talk and we hit the road on a route which would take us over Lightning Motorcycle Training ride out 1100 miles through the Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Berkshire countryside.

We opted to use an (almost) foolproof technique to both avoid anyone getting lost, and at the same time allow everyone to ride at their own pace. With Steve at the front, and another one of the organisers at the back, the rider in second position would stop at any junctions or roundabouts, and simply direct the others (by way of pointing) until the back marker came along. The responsibility for stopping next time would then fall to the next person in second position. This worked exceptionally well, and by lunchtime everyone had a huge smile and a hungry stomach – with nobody feeling under pressure to adjust their riding!Lightning Motorcycle Training ride out 2

We had made prior arrangements to go to a beautiful pub called ‘The Swan’ in Radcot, who laid on a delicious buffet (more than we could eat). After an hour or so of chat, anecdotes and making new acquaintances, we headed off for the second leg. Half way through the afternoon we all came to a stop at the side of the road, all a little confused and looking to Steve to see what the problem was, he produced his map and declared he had made an intentional de-tour as he ‘wanted to see a certain village’. A number of grins and sideward glances seemed to suggest that not one of us believed him. Nonetheless we were soon back on track and heading back to H Cafe for a 5pm finish.

Lightning Motorcycle Training ride out 2The good old English weather served us proud, with only a light smattering of rain for 5 minutes. The day went off without a hitch, and the feedback we received was very positive – so much so that we have already planned the next rideout, which will be from H-Cafe to the South Coast and back, with fish and chips for lunch of course! Date to be confirmed.





Cassington 2011


Lightning Motorcycle Training at Cassington 2011 Is it on is it off - no one knows! Well actually that is not true because faced with the prospect of having to pay a large amount of money on "Health and Safety" (or a tax for the stupid as we like to call it locally) the organisers decided to cancel the event and call it a ride out instead. motorhead bmwHappily this fooled no one and there was a very strong attendance again this year with all the normal eye watering number must-have motorcycles. As usual everyone was very well behaved and as usual we saw loads of ex-students on their bikes. Many of these are ex-students from so far back that it would be very mean to call them an ex-student at all. It is also a chance to catch up with old friends from the local motorcycle shops like Grubby from MTC Motorcycles and our mate Adam Perkins who does such a brilliant job of fixing and servicing out bikes. Lightning Motorcycle Training at Cassington 2001 2Anyway the abiding memory of this year's turn out is that more BMW's should have "Motorhead" written on the side of them.

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