Explanation of our Refresher course

Once you have completed the CBT the next steps towards getting a full licence is to take further training. If you have had little previous experience then we will recommend one or two Refresher courses.

These generally take a day to complete. The instructor will be looking to help improve your bike control as well as building confidence by covering a reasonable number of miles. Unlike the CBT which is a very prescriptive course the Refresher can much more easily address your needs..


1/. How will my progress be recorded?
At the end of each day of post-CBT training the instructor will issue you with a Student Record Card. This will record your progress and give you some homework. It will also act as a handshake for your next day of training in the event you have a different instructor.

2/. How many Refreshers do I need?
This depends on your previous experience. But essentially we're aiming to get you to a point where you can either safely start doing the Module 1 manoeuvres on a 125cc or that you are ready to move up to a 500cc. Normally one or two days is enough.

3/. When do you do Refreshers?
We do Refreshers seven days a week.

4/. What motorcycle do I ride on a Refresher?
The Refresher is a pre-DAS course so whether you wish to go onto a bigger bike later or do a Restricted Licence this course will be done on a motorcycle/scooter of between 100 - 125cc.

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