Explanation of our Roadrider course

For those taking a 5 day course (and some 4 Day courses) the second day of training (i.e. after the CBT) will be done on a 125cc motorcycle. This is a structured day of training which will be almost entirely based on the road and will look in detail at all the components of the road such as hill starts, roundabouts, left & right turns etc. You will be taught how to deal with all traffic situations and to ride safely while keeping up with the flow of traffic.

You can book a Roadrider course online by following this link.


1/. Does it matter when I do the Roadrider?
Yes - it needs to be done after the CBT but before Mod Skills day 1. Remember this is course designed for novices; everyone else will be moving straight onto larger motorcycles once they have done the CBT.

2/. How does my instructor record my progress?
At the end of each day of post-CBT training the instructor will issue you with a Student Record Card. This will record your progress and give you some homework. It will also act as a handshake for your next day of training in the event you have a different instructor.

3/. How many Roadriders do I need?
Normally just one Roadrider. However, if you are really struggling then you may want to repeat this day, but this is unlikely as we will not have issued you with a CBT certificate unless we were confident that you could ride safely on the road.

4/. What do I need to have done before a Roadrider?
You must have a CBT certificate and ideally a Theory Test pass certificate. If you have done your CBT with us then there should be no issues, unless your CBT was done on an automatic in which case a one hour conversion course needs to be done first.

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