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Here you will information and dates about forthcoming Track Day events that we hold for ex-students - none currently planned until Spring 2013

Lightning Motorcycle Training track days



Snetterton 300


Lightning Motorcycle Training snetterton 300 honda CBF500A new circuit – the Snetterton 300, longer, bendier and altogether more of a challenge! Something to savour. However, first impression was of wind swept desolation as light rain blew in from the east. There were about 200 riders so the signing in, scrutineering and briefing took quite a while during which time the place dried out but it was still cold. This was soon forgotten as the sighting laps began; there were a lot of corners to remember and the pit lane chatter was all about which was the worst and how to deal with them. Then the sessions began in earnest!Lightning Motorcycle Training Snetterton 300 kawasaki ZX7R

Coming out of the pit lane you’re fed into the end of the pit straight and a sweeping right hand bend (Riches), initially you don’t appreciate the significance of this bend. Next up was Montreal which is a right hand hairpin – straight forward with a heavy brake to slow down followed by tipping it in, but there's lots of room. Accelerating hard out of the hairpin you come to Palmer which is a left hander that drifts you far to the right. For some reason on the day the wind was felt most on this bend as it pushed you out. This led down to a left hand hairpin (Agostini), where again the entry was fairly straight forward after braking heavily. The bend opens so it was fun to get on the throttle early and hurtle off towards the two hardest bends – Hamilton and Oggies. Hamilton is a left hand flick where you always feel that you could have gone quicker and Oggies is a tightening double apex right hand bend. The first apex tightens and then the second opens out. It was really hard to get this right and this was where most of the few offs of the day took place. In fact it was quite troubling to see the scratch marks on the track where previous riders had got it horribly wrong (including some poor fella on BMW S1000RR who cart wheeled the bike up the track). For our part we had one go straight on into the gravel on the Honda CBF500 but fortunately it stayed upright.Lightning Motorcycle Training at Snetterton 300 track day Out of Oggies and into an easy right flick (Williams) and onto the straight. The Kawasaki was seeing about 140mph and even the Honda was doing about 115mph. The bend at the bottom (Brundle) was very tricky as it invites you to go in quick to the left and almost immediately goes into a very tight and slow right hander which was very narrow and only has one line (Nelson). The Bomb Hole, a long right, has indeed got a hole in the middle of it; get this wrong and all sorts of things hit the ground. The next corner was a favourite – Coram – which was an almost endless right hand bend. You can see all the way through it and if you look far enough ahead there is so much confidence to lean and lean, as well as go round the outside of other riders. Alas it ends with another narrow slow left hand bend (Murrays) which leads you onto the pit straight. Watching from the pit wall the sounds and speeds along here were amazing. This is the end of the lap were it not for the entry speed into Riches which is a fearsome corner, a long right that it is far too easy to go in too fast, and definitely sorts the heroes from the zeroes!

Lightning Motorcycle Training at Snetteron 300 track day Kawasaki ZX7RWhat a day and what a track. It ended too soon and there was still so much more to learn. The standard of riding in the other groups was really high and if you’ve not been before you can only go in the Novice group. Highly recommended and well organised.













Brands Hatch (Indy circuit)

For reasons that are too complicated to explain (a bet) we decided to take a trusty old 1976 Triumph Bonneville to Brands Hatch. Luckily it was the Indy circuit so there was really only the pitLightning Motorcycle Training at Brands Hatch Triumph T140V Bonneville straight. A pit straight that many of the riders in our group used to full advantage to absolutely blast past the old Bonnie. Even so the Triumph did wheeze up to about 100mph, but it more than made up for its lack of speed by being nippy through the bends. Particularly at Druids where a lot of fun was to be had by going round the outside of all those riders that had blasted past a moment before. Before anyone thinks that this was an act of heroic riding then it must be pointed out that the very skinny tyres are easy to turn, much more so than huge modern tyres. Some of the drawbacks of the sedate design of the Triumph were felt at Surtees and Clearways where the exhaust pipes on either side ground out far too early. The other major draw back was the very upright riding position which meant that at Paddock Hill bend (which is very steep) hip bones and rib bones connect in a jarring thump at the bottom of the hill. This was surprisingly painful.

It was a brilliant day and despite being in the Novice Group was really satisfying. There were lots of assuming moments like watching a Honda VFR whistle off into the gravel trap at Paddock Hill bend on the sighting lap, and watching the entire Novice Group get slaughtered by a full dressed (top boxes the lot) Honda Goldwing ridden by a racer with stereo on full blast. Ultimately though the track was a bit short with only five or so bends and one straight.

Silvertone GP Circuit

RAF Benson

Abingdon Honda

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